Possible Damages In An Overtime Wage Claim

If necessary, employees are willing to do overtime work. And if you do so, the FLSA requires your employer to pay you overtime wage. The sad news is that, as bared by the website of Williams Kherkher, many companies do not pay employees the overtime pay they are entitled to. For employees who were denied their overtime pay, they can file a claim and recover damages from their employer.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA, employees can recover their unpaid wages with an overtime pay lawsuit. By filing a case, an employee can recover damages and make their employer liable. The FLSA usually awards liquidated and punitive damages to a plaintiff. Liquidated damages are unpaid wages which is equivalent to the amount that your employer owed you. It is often called as “double damages.” An employer can avoid paying liquidated damages if they can show that their act was done in good faith. Second, that they had the reasonable belief that they were not required to pay the wages being questioned.

When it comes to punitive damages, the FLSA does not have specific provisions. However, some courts will award punitive damages if there was retaliation from the employer for an employee who exercised their rights under the FLSA. However, Federal law restricts the awarding of punitive damages, However, some states have laws that award punitive damages for intentional wage violations. The available damage shall be dictated by either the state law or court discretion.

There are instances when interest on the unpaid wages can be awarded by the court. You will also be receiving what is so-called “waiting time” penalty which is equivalent to 30 days of the employee’s unpaid wages. If you win the case, your employer will also pay you attorney’s fees as well as the costs for pushing through with the case.

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Truck Accidents

A collision between a dump truck and a car that happened at an intersection on Highway 17 in Effingham County, Georgia, which is an area that is known for many occurrences of motor vehicular accidents, mostly involving trucks – some of which are fatal – resulted in a woman getting hospitalized.

According to Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, the woman who got injured in the accident was unfamiliar with the area as she was just visiting family members in town, which might have been a factor that contributed to her crash with the dump truck. Also, McDuffie said the highway contains some blind spots and that “the traffic on Highway 17 is running highway speeds, they’re running anywhere from 45 to 65 miles per hour when they come through there…if you pull out in front of [other vehicles] it’s going to be bad”.

A resident, Soctt Pinholster, said severe accidents usually happen on Highway 17, and that even though “the sheriff’s office tells me they’ve added these blinking stop signs on both sides to prevent these crashes, for some reason they’re still happening”.

McDuffie said four people had lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents over the past two to three years along Highway 17, and that the sheriff’s offcie considers the following areas – Highway 17 and Marlow Road; Highway 17 and Courthouse Road; Highway 17 and Blue Jay Road; and Courthouse Road and Midland Road – dangerous and prone to traffic accidents.

A case against a truck accident lawsuit defendant is determined on the doctrine of negligence, meaning, since the one accused of an accident is a professional truck driver, many factors and sources of law can be considered in punishing him, for instance, traffic laws and civil liability rules, as well as regulations of the Department of Tranportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Truck accident victims are often left disabled. According to an attorney website, they will need help getting disability benefits to make up for their losses.

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Speeding and Car Accidents

Car accidents account for a significant number of injuries and deaths each year. In America, boosting is among the leading causes of car accidents, motor vehicle collisions of with speeding being mentioned as a causal factor in an astounding one-third. Drivers that were accelerating ought to be held accountable to damages and all the injuries as car wreck lawyers recommend that they have caused and assist victims of such mishaps.

Speeding is normally defined as driving within the speed limit or for the road or weather conditions in rates maybe not safe. They can increase the chances of getting into an injury due to such factors as when one man is speeding:

1. Speeding increases the possibility of car accidents. Because of the increased speed, it can be difficult to handle the car, and consequently, drivers are somewhat more likely to spin out, roll over, or else be in an accident.

2. A Milwaukee car accident lawyer would say that because of the car’s rate, injury to victims may be intense. Accidents which happen at rates that are higher are nearly always considerably more threatening than those which occur at lower speeds.

3. Boosting can reduce the power of the driver to react to accidents since it is difficult to control while so preventive maneuvering of the car is at its top rate, and it could possibly be impossible.

Being a real sufferer of racing may have a devastating impact on you plus your family. Not just do you need to suffer from the injuries sustained in the accident, your job could also be influenced, your daily actions changed and your social lifestyle restricted. Furthermore, you will experience the doctor’s bills from remedies and hospital care, which may possibly deplete your finances.

It is not unnecessary so as to help prevent potential injuries from happening, to hold accountable the individuals responsible for your injury.

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Common Birth Defects

All mothers want what is best for their children. Pregnant mothers take great precautions to make sure they are doing everything to ensure the health and safety of themselves and their unborn child. However, unfortunately complications occur and at times children are born with birth defects. When a baby is born with part of the body that is missing or malformed, it is a structural birth defect. It is important to be wary of the most common birth defects and the potential causes for them, so that mothers can know how best to prevent them.

The most common type of birth defects are heart defects. These result from incomplete or incorrect development of the fetus’s heart during the beginning weeks of the pregnancy. While this often cannot be prevented, there are many treatments available for this condition.

Another common birth defect is spina bifida. This results from a malformation of the baby’s spine. This occurs during the first month of pregnancy, when the spine is in development. This can be caused by low levels of folic acid in a woman during pregnancy. Folic acid is a vitamin that is vital to cell growth and tissue formation.

Another common birth defect is cleft palate, a malformation of the mouth. Cleft palates can sometimes be caused by and adverse reaction to a certain medication when consumed by pregnant mothers. For example, according to the website of Williams Kherkher, the medication Zofran has been linked to the development of cleft lip in the children of mothers who were prescribed the drug while pregnant. Zofran has additionally been linked to the development of cleft lip and congenital heart defects, and is among the medications not considered safe to prescribe to pregnant women for treatment of certain pregnancy complications, such as severe morning sickness.

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Risperdal and Heart Attacks

There is no question that Risperdal (risperidone) has been the most effective treatment for patients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism characterized by violent behavior. However, drug companies still have to give adequate warning about the risks to patients that benefit from it.

Psychiatrists maintain that second generation antipsychotics, also called atypical antipsychotics, are far superior to conventional antipsychotics because they are just as or even more effective in managing patient behavior, but they also have fewer side effects. It was not supposed to cause tardive dyskinesia, for instance. When they first came out, it seemed to be true, and this spurred the prescription frenzy for atypical antipsychotics not only for approved but also off-label uses. These include attention deficit hyperactive disorder, insomnia, depression, and dementia.

However, the years have not been kind to Risperdal. A recent court decision seemed to settle once and for all that Risperdal causes severe and irreversible tardive dyskinesia (involuntary movement). Now it seems it also poses a higher-than-usual risk of causing heart attacks and strokes in patients.

Risperdal now carries a black box warning that it could be deadly for elderly dementia patients. However, it does not state that it may also carry a high risk for other patient categories of developing an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to cardiac arrest. In particular, Risperdal had the highest risk among the atypical antipsychotics is causing cardiac arrest and arrhythmia, which increased with lower doses. This is a definite oversight on the part of the drug manufacturer that Risperdal side effects attorneys can use to the benefit of an injured patient.

It is no joke dealing with behavioral and mental problems. However, it would be facetious to say that the benefits outweigh the risks when what you are risking is your life. If an immediate family member died from a Risperdal-induced cardiac problem, you have the right to hold the drug company responsible for not giving adequate warning. Consult with Risperdal side effects attorneys in your area to help you get going.

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John Eddie Williams Aids Communities in Schools Houston

The national organization of stay-in-school programs, Communities in Schools, serves more than 1.3 million at-risk youths each year. They are dedicated to encouraging children and young adults to stay in school, seek out higher education opportunities, and continuing on to a bright future.

The latest report from the Houston branch reports that in 2012, 98 percent of involved students stayed in school with 94 percent of eligible seniors graduating. In the Houston area, almost 30,000 at-risk students and their families were provided aid and intensive case management services. From homework help to in-home visits to work with families, Communities in Schools offers a unique and inclusive approach to supporting underprivileged families.

John Eddie Williams Jr. is a strong proponent of continued education. His philanthropic efforts to the local branch of Communities in Schools in Houston for over a decade speak to his dedication to his community. In addition to donating to the worthy charity, John Eddie Williams Jr. donates his time and energy as a member of the advisory board. The education of young people is a cause he finds important in order to better the future of the community, Texas, and the nation.

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Deadly Side Effects Possible with Actos

Many believed that Actos would be a safer bet than Avandia. Both drugs are used in order to treat those with Type-2 diabetes, which is the most commonly diagnosed type of diabetes in Americans. This health condition can be common to people over 45 years old, are overweight, have family members who have had this same illness, or otherwise stated – but it can happen to just about anyone and at any time. There has even been some recent evidence that more and more children are getting diagnosed with this condition, which is also referred to as ‘non-insulin dependent diabetes’. Of course, anyone would want the safer option – but what if it isn’t all that it promises to be?

New studies, as gathered by defective pharmaceutical lawyers of Williams Kherkher, have claimed that intake of Actos can cause bladder cancer. Anyone who might hear the ‘C’ word in their diagnosis will be understandably rattled for this is one of the most life threatening illnesses currently known to mankind. It is a treacherous, insidious disease that can cause so much pain to any family as well as adding financial strains.

The primary function of any drug is to alleviate the victim of any pain – not add to it. Causing more illness as a side effect is an unforgivable case of severe negligence and warrants compensation. Yes, there is no amount of money that can ever make such a circumstance, in any way, all right. However, for any chance at life and normalcy, medical procedures for treatment are necessary – and this demands financial compensation from the guilty party, this being the manufacturer of the drug in question.

This kind of situation can be stressful for anyone involved for legal proceedings are hardly ever straightforward as they are often arduous tasks, when you have earned nothing but peace and justice. Specialized professionals in this branch of law could ensure that you get exactly that and more.

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