John Eddie Williams Aids Communities in Schools Houston

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The national organization of stay-in-school programs, Communities in Schools, serves more than 1.3 million at-risk youths each year. They are dedicated to encouraging children and young adults to stay in school, seek out higher education opportunities, and continuing on to a bright future.

The latest report from the Houston branch reports that in 2012, 98 percent of involved students stayed in school with 94 percent of eligible seniors graduating. In the Houston area, almost 30,000 at-risk students and their families were provided aid and intensive case management services. From homework help to in-home visits to work with families, Communities in Schools offers a unique and inclusive approach to supporting underprivileged families.

John Eddie Williams Jr. is a strong proponent of continued education. His philanthropic efforts to the local branch of Communities in Schools in Houston for over a decade speak to his dedication to his community. In addition to donating to the worthy charity, John Eddie Williams Jr. donates his time and energy as a member of the advisory board. The education of young people is a cause he finds important in order to better the future of the community, Texas, and the nation.

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