Starting The Christmas Season Off Wrong

Every parent is frustrated Christmas morning, not because of how early they have to get up to open presents with their overly excited children, but because of all of the presents that are left up to the parents to assemble. These presents are packaged together with such precision that it could have only been accomplished by the best machines known to man. Parents have to use scissors, box cutters, swear words, and lots of coffee to open toys for children. And, when you’re in a big family group, there’s always that one child who either sobs like a brat or pulls another form of a tantrum because the adults aren’t putting together the presents fast enough. And, these toys never come with batteries. So, parents had better sure to have batteries, several of them, on hand or there will surely be hell to pay.

Today, however, all of these issues pale in comparison to when my son’s cousin, who’s maybe five or six years old, swallowed a plastic toy soldier that one of the older kids had just unwrapped.

Fortunately, even though hospitals are one of the few places that are actually open on Christmas Day, we didn’t have to rush this kid to the hospital because some of us here are doctors. We got that toy soldier out in a flash.

Then, the kid’s folks took him to the hospital, just to get checked and make sure everything’s kosher.

I used to laugh at these labels on things, like bleach and hydrogen peroxide, which explicitly say not to let your children ingest this because what kind of parent would let their child do something like this? Well, it turns, the answer is us. We weren’t watching. There were too many other things going on and other people around us to notice every little thing, which is perhaps why the warning labels are on all of these kids toys that feature incredibly small, intricate pieces.

However, one way we might be able to sue these companies is that the print on these toy boxes is quite small. I, and possibly some of my children as they get older, have very poor eyesight. Consequently, we cannot see things far away and would be very unlikely to read this smallest font in the world like a warning. Therefore, if these toy companies really and truly want to prevent children from ingesting their products, it might be wise to put the warning in bigger and stylized fonts, in order for anyone and everyone to be able to read said warnings and then acknowledge them.

Maybe, the warning should come on a sheet of paper, in large font, that is somehow situated where it would be impossible to open the toy without seeing the warning.

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Minimizing Dust Exposure in the Workplace

Dust exposure is one of the most underrated hazards in the workplace. Dust can result into various bodily complications, and these complications can be external or internal.

Externally, dust can irritate the eyes and skin, especially dusts that are induced with chemicals. Internally, dust can irritate the nose and throat, block air pathways, help in the development of respiratory problems, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and of various types of cancers.

It is also a common misconception that dust exposure is a risk only to those who work in hazardous industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and mining. Though workers in these industries are more vulnerable, all kinds of workers are actually at risk of dust exposure, even those who are just sitting in a cubicle in their office buildings. Below are some of the ways dust exposure can be minimized.

Cleaning the surroundings

Cleanliness of the workplace is essential to workplace safety. Even the most typical office space is vulnerable to various dust particles, especially biological contaminants that develop because of improper food disposal, temperature, and humidity, such as bacteria, molds, and spores.

In inherently dusty places, such as construction sites, putting everything in its proper place and preventing dust buildup, especially of metal cuttings and cement and wood dusts, are good ideas.

Wearing appropriate gears

If the job directly relates to dust exposure, such as the cases for manufacturing and mining, the employer should provide appropriate gears to their employees and implement strict safety regulations regarding their mandatory use, so dust exposure can be strictly limited and controlled.

Gears may differ according to the industry, but usually, they take the form of goggles, masks, gloves, jackets, and boots.

Installing proper filtration systems

Air circulation and filtration are just as important as premises maintenance and use of safety gears. In office spaces, this can involve air conditioning and other ventilation systems. In relatively dustier workplaces like factories, this can involve industrial dust collection systems.

With the combination of engineering solutions, such as the installation of proper filtration systems, and of simple solutions, such as cleaning the place and wearing appropriate gears, dust exposure can be effectively minimized. As a result, the health risks are also less likely to be sustained.

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Risperdal and Heart Attacks

There is no question that Risperdal (risperidone) has been the most effective treatment for patients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism characterized by violent behavior. However, drug companies still have to give adequate warning about the risks to patients that benefit from it.

Psychiatrists maintain that second generation antipsychotics, also called atypical antipsychotics, are far superior to conventional antipsychotics because they are just as or even more effective in managing patient behavior, but they also have fewer side effects. It was not supposed to cause tardive dyskinesia, for instance. When they first came out, it seemed to be true, and this spurred the prescription frenzy for atypical antipsychotics not only for approved but also off-label uses. These include attention deficit hyperactive disorder, insomnia, depression, and dementia.

However, the years have not been kind to Risperdal. A recent court decision seemed to settle once and for all that Risperdal causes severe and irreversible tardive dyskinesia (involuntary movement). Now it seems it also poses a higher-than-usual risk of causing heart attacks and strokes in patients.

Risperdal now carries a black box warning that it could be deadly for elderly dementia patients. However, it does not state that it may also carry a high risk for other patient categories of developing an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to cardiac arrest. In particular, Risperdal had the highest risk among the atypical antipsychotics is causing cardiac arrest and arrhythmia, which increased with lower doses. This is a definite oversight on the part of the drug manufacturer that Risperdal side effects attorneys can use to the benefit of an injured patient.

It is no joke dealing with behavioral and mental problems. However, it would be facetious to say that the benefits outweigh the risks when what you are risking is your life. If an immediate family member died from a Risperdal-induced cardiac problem, you have the right to hold the drug company responsible for not giving adequate warning. Consult with Risperdal side effects attorneys in your area to help you get going.

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Deadly Side Effects Possible with Actos

Many believed that Actos would be a safer bet than Avandia. Both drugs are used in order to treat those with Type-2 diabetes, which is the most commonly diagnosed type of diabetes in Americans. This health condition can be common to people over 45 years old, are overweight, have family members who have had this same illness, or otherwise stated – but it can happen to just about anyone and at any time. There has even been some recent evidence that more and more children are getting diagnosed with this condition, which is also referred to as ‘non-insulin dependent diabetes’. Of course, anyone would want the safer option – but what if it isn’t all that it promises to be?

New studies, as gathered by defective pharmaceutical lawyers of Williams Kherkher, have claimed that intake of Actos can cause bladder cancer. Anyone who might hear the ‘C’ word in their diagnosis will be understandably rattled for this is one of the most life threatening illnesses currently known to mankind. It is a treacherous, insidious disease that can cause so much pain to any family as well as adding financial strains.

The primary function of any drug is to alleviate the victim of any pain – not add to it. Causing more illness as a side effect is an unforgivable case of severe negligence and warrants compensation. Yes, there is no amount of money that can ever make such a circumstance, in any way, all right. However, for any chance at life and normalcy, medical procedures for treatment are necessary – and this demands financial compensation from the guilty party, this being the manufacturer of the drug in question.

This kind of situation can be stressful for anyone involved for legal proceedings are hardly ever straightforward as they are often arduous tasks, when you have earned nothing but peace and justice. Specialized professionals in this branch of law could ensure that you get exactly that and more.

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How To Negotiate After a DUI

Being hit by a drunk driver can make a personal injury or insurance claim or lawsuit easier to win. However, you there are still some things you need to follow and ensure to guarantee your claim are approved – factors such as the “no-fault” rules in some states can play a role in your insurance or injury claim, therefore consulting with a lawyer who practices personal injury claims in that state is important in order to have a valid claim. It’s a good idea to check out their website first, like this website for the Sampson Law Firm.

First and foremost, it is best to open a negotiation with the other party’s insurance company. In about all states in the US require drivers to carry a certain amount (at least the minimum) of car insurance. You should file a third-party insurance claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and this will let them know of your intention of pursuing a full compensation; it may even provide a more fruitful compensation reward than going to court.

There are some situations where insurance companies will do anything to avoid facing a personal injury lawsuit. One such situation is when their client committed and is convicted with a DUI or DWI related to the accident. Going to trail can make the amount of compensation even bigger, especially since the judge or jury would sympathize with the victim after being hit by a drunk driver, showing the guilty party’s recklessness or disregard to other people’s safety as well as their own. It is in the insurance company’s best interest to have an out-of-court settlement in order to lower their losses and have more freedom with the negotiation.

In the dozen or so states that follow the “no-fault” rule regarding accidents, options for insurance or injury claims may be limited, but not impossible. In the event of an accident, you can file a claim against your own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This would help cover for your medical expenses despite the other party being the one liable for your injuries. These states can allow injury or insurance claims against the guilty-party’s insurance company if the injuries or medical expenses have reached a certain threshold, such as serious injuries or high medical bills.

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