The Pros of Selling Minerals Rights

The US is one of the few sovereign nations that allow private citizens the rights to the mineral deposits that may be lurking under the surface of the real property they own, and all that entails. In other words, if there is oil, coal, or natural gas under their residence, then they have the right to whatever it is worth.

However, not all property owners in the US own their mineral rights. It may be that the mineral rights have been severed from the surface rights, and that they may be owned by different people. In such cases, the surface rights owner cannot profit from the lease, royalty agreement, or sale of the mineral rights, and may not deny the mineral rights owner or any authorized entity reasonable access to the land in order to do exploration or extraction of the minerals.

But if you happen to be fortunate enough not to have the mineral rights to your property severed from your surface rights, or you have acquired the mineral rights from the owner, then you have complete control over the disposition of those mineral rights. This means that you may lease or sell the mineral rights as you see fit, or be content with the fact that you will not have anyone coming willy-nilly into your property with drilling and extracting equipment!

With these choices at hand, you may want to consider selling your mineral rights. Although the economy is making a recovery, there are a lot of people who are in debt with the mortgage companies and you may be one of them. Perhaps you have your eye on some stocks or a money-making venture, and need the capital. As the website of The Mineral Auction outs it, you could get the money you need by selling your mineral rights for the right price with no hassle.

The potential profit from mineral rights is pretty hit-and-miss. You could be sitting on a literal gold mine…or not. With a sale, you can get definite cash now rather than gamble on what it may bring in once it is developed, because it could easily be a bust.

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