Truck Accidents

A collision between a dump truck and a car that happened at an intersection on Highway 17 in Effingham County, Georgia, which is an area that is known for many occurrences of motor vehicular accidents, mostly involving trucks – some of which are fatal – resulted in a woman getting hospitalized.

According to Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, the woman who got injured in the accident was unfamiliar with the area as she was just visiting family members in town, which might have been a factor that contributed to her crash with the dump truck. Also, McDuffie said the highway contains some blind spots and that “the traffic on Highway 17 is running highway speeds, they’re running anywhere from 45 to 65 miles per hour when they come through there…if you pull out in front of [other vehicles] it’s going to be bad”.

A resident, Soctt Pinholster, said severe accidents usually happen on Highway 17, and that even though “the sheriff’s office tells me they’ve added these blinking stop signs on both sides to prevent these crashes, for some reason they’re still happening”.

McDuffie said four people had lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents over the past two to three years along Highway 17, and that the sheriff’s offcie considers the following areas – Highway 17 and Marlow Road; Highway 17 and Courthouse Road; Highway 17 and Blue Jay Road; and Courthouse Road and Midland Road – dangerous and prone to traffic accidents.

A case against a truck accident lawsuit defendant is determined on the doctrine of negligence, meaning, since the one accused of an accident is a professional truck driver, many factors and sources of law can be considered in punishing him, for instance, traffic laws and civil liability rules, as well as regulations of the Department of Tranportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Truck accident victims are often left disabled. According to an attorney website, they will need help getting disability benefits to make up for their losses.

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Speeding and Car Accidents

Car accidents account for a significant number of injuries and deaths each year. In America, boosting is among the leading causes of car accidents, motor vehicle collisions of with speeding being mentioned as a causal factor in an astounding one-third. Drivers that were accelerating ought to be held accountable to damages and all the injuries as car wreck lawyers recommend that they have caused and assist victims of such mishaps.

Speeding is normally defined as driving within the speed limit or for the road or weather conditions in rates maybe not safe. They can increase the chances of getting into an injury due to such factors as when one man is speeding:

1. Speeding increases the possibility of car accidents. Because of the increased speed, it can be difficult to handle the car, and consequently, drivers are somewhat more likely to spin out, roll over, or else be in an accident.

2. A Milwaukee car accident lawyer would say that because of the car’s rate, injury to victims may be intense. Accidents which happen at rates that are higher are nearly always considerably more threatening than those which occur at lower speeds.

3. Boosting can reduce the power of the driver to react to accidents since it is difficult to control while so preventive maneuvering of the car is at its top rate, and it could possibly be impossible.

Being a real sufferer of racing may have a devastating impact on you plus your family. Not just do you need to suffer from the injuries sustained in the accident, your job could also be influenced, your daily actions changed and your social lifestyle restricted. Furthermore, you will experience the doctor’s bills from remedies and hospital care, which may possibly deplete your finances.

It is not unnecessary so as to help prevent potential injuries from happening, to hold accountable the individuals responsible for your injury.

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The Costs of Car and Truck Accidents

Unintentional injury and death are usually the result of car and truck accidents, some of which are pure happenstance and could not have possible be foreseen. This may be due to an oil slick, a bird striking the windshield, or temporary blindness from a sudden flash of lightning, and it is no one’s fault. About 6.5 million car accidents occurring the U.S.

But when there is negligence involved, one crucial element is changed. There is still no intention to do harm to other people but congruent to certain behavior, harm or injury to oneself and other people is a foreseeable event. For example, it has been proven that there is a high risk of an accident occurring when driving while intoxicated, so choosing to drive while drunk is negligent behavior.  And this can render the negligent driver liable for the costs of injuries or fatalities associated with car or truck accidents.

The costs to vehicular accident victims are not always calculable, but those that can be quantified are quite considerable. Victims of a negligent semi truck accident, for example, may face averages expenses of $9,100 for property damage. For those who sustain nonfatal but disabling injuries, the average cost (which includes medical and administrative expenses as well as income loss) is $78,700, while for each death, the costs average out to $1,420,000.

These figures only account for what can be counted i.e. lost days of work multiplied by daily wage. It does not include intangible costs such as physical pain and suffering, psychiatric consequences, loss of consortium, and emotional distress. Making the negligent party liable for these contributory factors is punitive in nature–much like a prison sentence for crime is a form of punishment that is designed to work as a deterrent. Awards for punitive damages are often much higher than economic damages.

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